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Supernatural filming?

Hey Guys (first post)..

The previous post implied that SFI is the code for supernatural. If this is true, they have been filming at stanley park for about a week. The sign is on the right of the road as you head into the causeway heading North. Last I saw it was before thanksgiving so they might be gone by now but if anyone is out that way.. you might wanna check it out and see.

Halloween costume

 I am potentially going to dress up as something Supernatural related this halloween.
If my friend hasn't already decided on a costume, I'm going to suggest to her that the two of us go as Sam and Dean :)
Including a cardboard cut-out impala which we will ride around in.
Anybody else doing something cool and Supernatural related this halloween?

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 Apparently Jared and Jensen are currently at the Cactus Club on Kingsway...
Guess who may be dropping by for a bite to eat? lol ;)


actually, they're filming right around the corner from there
near the Best Buy that's across the street from Metrotown mall
Just so you know :)
I talked to an older guy there who does water fx (makes it rain, adds fog etc) and he’s really cool

Both PCA rockin'

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Hi, guys:

Easier said than done, I know, but I have friends in town this week who would love to see a shoot if there's anyone that knows of one. They're housetrained, but also yearning. Does anyone have any idea if there's one coming up?
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Supernatural: Team Winchester

Creation Con Vancouver Update

For anyone who hasn't yet signed up to get annoying emails from Creation re: upcoming cons. The email that just arrived in my inbox:
The GHOSTFACERS team will be making their first Creation Entertainment appearance at the Vancouver Salute to SUPERNATURAL Convention coming AUGUST 28-30, 2009!

AJ BUCKLEY and TRAVIS WESTER (Ed Zeddmore and Harry Spangler) will be joining the fun of what is shaping up to be the biggest and best SUPERNATURAL live event ever! AJ and TRAVIS join already announced celebrities JENSEN ACKLES and JARED PADALECKI, ALONA TAL (Jo), GABRIEL TIGERMAN (Andy), and singer/composer STEVE CARLSON so far and we're just getting started!

Ticket update: GOLD WEEKEND PACKAGES for this convention are almost sold out! Please order soon to avoid a sell-out of our top of the line packages which include exclusive Gold only events like the breakfast with Jensen & Jared on Sunday morning and the famous Dessert Party!

Creation's site has more info too.
Excited Dean

Creation con in Vancouver!

From an email alert I just recieved from Creation:

"We wanted to give our great fellow Supernatural fans the heads up asap on a VERY spectacular weekend we are planning for Vancouver, BC Canada on August 28-30, 2009. It's all in the works now and you'll be the first to know the details but it is something that shouldn't be missed!"

WOO! Who's in? I'm seriously considering it but I'm going to have to get my passport first!
Basti and Poldi

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On another site someone posted that they saw an SFI sign near Cambie Street and Pacific Blvd that was pointing towards Concorde Pacific.

eta: Person who saw it updated, "Supernatural is filming at the Vogue Theatre on Granville St, crew park and catering is located in the lot next to the Penthouse."