Naficeh (naficeh) wrote in spn_bc,

More from sets

I mentioned in a post yesterday that there were signs pointing up United Blvd. It turns out that those arrows, if you keep following them, curve back around to Riverview. But they go through the side/back road. Sneaky right?

So I went this afternoon with a couple friends on our way back from our classes.

They have everything (trailers, food, security, etc etc) set up around the Crease building. That's the brick building you can see from the road when you drive by. So naturally we thought that they were somewhere around that building. We tried to get close, but security is SUPER tight. We acted all naive and asked what was going on from two different people and they both said that they were filming a 'movie'. Lies, but they were probably told to say that.

We had pretty much given up and were heading back to the bus stop before we saw these HUGE lights being turned on and pointed at the building just up from the Crease building. If you've ever been in the Riverview complex, it's the dark red one with the white pillars.

So yeah, something was obviously going on in there. There was security at the door of the building and a few cars parked around.

I didn't get too much information other than that because it started getting late.
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